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Creating a habit, such as drinking more water or exercising more, can be difficult for many; But don't worry, today we show you an amazing app that will allow you to create


Freeletics Training Coach

Traning and transforming your body is a challenge. Most of the times we don’t know what to do or where to start on this journey. However, now on the internet we can


Focus Plant

If you have a hard time focusing sometimes while doing your work, homework, routine or even meditation, then you need a tool that helps you to stay focused. Focus Plant is an



Having an online storage service that allows you to keep all your documents and files in the cloud is very important. And although there are many app options that offer this service,



If you like conventional television, surely streaming content applications will not convince you. In general, streaming apps only offer you to watch series and movies, but you cannot access television shows, live



Knowing the best routes to reach your destination will be ideal to always arrive on time, even if you are within your city. That is why Waze is such an important and


Amazon Prime Video

If you are a lover of movies, series and television in general, you deserve to have an app to see all the content you like in the same place and through the



The internet has shown us that there are many ways to access news; And if what you really like is casual content and curious news, Buzzfeed is the best news portal for



What would you think if we tell you there is an app for training with people from all around the world? This actually exist and its name is FitGrid, a platform that


Mobile Observatory Free

Astronomic events are many during the year. The challenge is to stay updated and informed of everything. If you like space, learning about the universe, stars, planets, nebulosus, constellations, comets, eclipses and



Here we bring to you what all the Roku lovers were waiting for. The Roku app came to make our lives easier and funnier. For the ones that do not know much



For women, the menstrual cycle could something really stressful when you do not have the tools to get everything under control. There are many apps designed for helping them to be ready


The Story of Everything

If you like to learn about the history of nature and all the events that led us to live as we live now, you will love this app. With The Story of


Study Bunny

If you have a hard time concentrating when studying, don't worry, you are not the only one. Due to all the distractions that we have around us, such as the smartphone, the



As we all know almost all the pictures we see online have been edited, in order to improve quality or even make them look like pieces of art. They are many the


Baby Tracker

As parents we need all the help possible to take care of a new baby, especially during the first months of life. If you are a mother or father of a newborn



Being a graphic designer is not for everybody. There many tools you should know in order to create the content you need. As we all know, publicity is the best way to



Playing videogames is definitely one of our favorites things. We spend hour trying to find a game that gives us fun, and keep us always interested. From puzzles to battle games, anything


Genius Scan

If you work in an office or you study a lot, then you probably need very often a scanner. This is a very helpful tool to digitalize paperwork in seconds. Now you


Idle Flower Tycoon

We all need a good game to help us kill boredom, and if you also like flowers, this game that we will present to you next is going to enchant you. Idle



If you are a lover of drawing or painting, and you would like to be able to draw anywhere you are, we have an ideal app for you. We are talking about



Today phones, also known as smartphones, are very popular, their games and applications are widely used tools, however, they always capture the user's attention, those that help them save money. From this


Subway Surfers

Some time ago, gamers used to get angry when playing games with a very soon final. You only had few levels to reach and once you do it the game is finished.



The technology industry is an industry that is growing and conquering companies from different areas around theworld. For this reason, it makes sense to see how each day, entertainment application evolves every