WhatsApp will put a limit on your account if you didn’t agree to its conditions

admin June 9, 2021

Months ago we saw that the famous chat app WhatsApp was changing its privacy conditions, where they were establishing that some data and information of the chat app was going to be shared with Facebook with the goal of improving certain features and merging some aspects of both apps in one. These changes are beneficial especially to people who have business accounts on both apps. However, people got worried about their safety and privacy, thinking this movement was too much of a violation to their personal and delicate information. So, they were very vocal about it.

People on social media started to comment that this movement was too much, especially because the agreement stated that if you don’t accept the conditions, your account would be deleted. WhatsApp that week lost millions of users, which jumped to other platforms like Telegram or Signal. Watching this, the executives of WhatsApp decided to hold back the conditions and wait a bit more to explain to their users what is all about exactly, and to check if they wanted to change something.

Well, the policy went out this month and they did change a few things.

WhatsApp will start to limit your account little by little

The most aggressive part of those changes was the deleting of accounts, so they took a look and changed that. Now WhatsApp won’t delete your account, but it will put some limitations, little by little, on your account. The reason that they explained was that since you don’t agree to the sharing of data, you couldn't access the new features that were merged with Facebook. So, with the evolution of changes, your account will naturally lose some functionality. This seems to go in two phases.

The first phase is the loss of your contact list. This means that you won’t have the option to see your contact lists anymore, because this feature is going to be merged with Facebook contact list. So, you won’t have the option to send or start a new conversation, because to do this, you would need to look into your contact list.

The second phase is the loss of calls and video calls, because again, this would be merged with Facebook too. So, you can receive calls, messages and everything, but you cannot make them for other people. Eventually, it seems that even the function of sending messages will be limited, so the account will be practically useless. Of course, you can reverse all of this by just accepting the conditions.

Some experts are worried about the aggressiveness of this measure, because a lot of people feel like it is almost a threat. So, this would mean that WhatsApp could lose a lot of users that are not happy with the service. The winners of all of this will be Telegram, Signal, and similar platforms that are already receiving millions of new users. The policy went out this month, what was your decision? Did you agree or did you change platforms?

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