If you have installed these 5 apps, you need to delete them right now

admin July 2, 2021

In the Google Play Store we can find millions of apps that we can download to do many things. Some of these apps are very popular, and people try to replicate their apps to see if they have the same success. However, we have time to see that some people create exact replicas of other apps to trick people into downloading them. These apps have the same logo and sometimes the same name, and thousands of users download them by mistake.

Recently, a study showed that there are 5 fake apps that contain dangerous malware that can read your financial information. These apps are an exact replica of popular apps and have the same logo and almost the same name. This makes it confusing and many people download them by mistake, without knowing that the app contains this malware. Keep reading to find out which apps are these ones so you can know if you need to erase them.

These are the 5 fake apps that you need to delete right now

These studies are done often and the idea is to supervise which apps are on the play store, so users can be aware of what they do. Normally, Google erases these apps from their platform, but sometimes this can take some time. Either way, if you already have this app installed before Google deletes it, you need to uninstall them immediately.

In this opportunity it was known that these 5 apps contain a dangerous malware that reads your financial information. Basically, this is a virus that hides on your device, and has the ability to track and read all your financial apps. So every time you open your bank app, wallet or similar, this malware is recording the information, which can be very dangerous. To get rid of it, you need to uninstall these apps immediately, and you can also use an antivirus app to check if you still have the virus installed.

The 5 fake apps are: Uplift: Health and Wellness App - the official version is called the same but the logo is slightly different. We recommend you to check the name of the developers. BookReader: the official app is called “BookReader: Read Books & Listen to Audiobooks”. PlutoTV: the official app is called “PlutoTV - It’s free TV”. Kapersky: Free Antivirus - the official app is called “Kapersky Antivirus: Security, Virus Cleaner” and the logo doesn’t have any letters. VLC MediaPlayer - the official app is called “VLC for Android” and its logo has the background orange.

The malware is called TeaBot and it is not the first time we have seen it act, it has the ability to take control of your device remotely and to record your password and information. This is the reason why you need to check any of your devices, and if you have one of these installed, delete them immediately.

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