Google TV prepares to replace the old Android TV

admin April 4, 2021

If you haven’t seen the news about Google TV, then you are for a surprise. The old and almost forgotten Google Play Movies got a rename called Google TV. It already made the change on some countries, but it is worldwide yet. However, with this new rebrand of the app the are some changes that are taking place, for example, the replacement of the old Android TV app, which was also forgotten by the company years ago.

Android TV was the old remote control provided by the company for all Android devices. However, for some reason, the company didn’t pay much attention to it, and even though it is still available to download and you can use it, it hasn’t been updated in four years and it got stuck on its 1.1.0 version. But now the new Google TV pretends to reactivate the old app, but integrated to this new tool.

The Android TV gets integrated in the new Google TV

If you ever get to used Android TV, then you know how handy it can be in comparison with other complicated apps and remotes. You can still use it very well, and it works when it is connected through Bluetooth or to the WiFi network where is connected the device you want to control. It is very intuitive and simple, so it makes things easier.

This is why Google TV wants to bring it back to life, but now integrated in the same app, so users don’t have to download different apps on their devices. In the Google TV you will have access to all the tools and features, including the remote control to navigate on your screen. In the APK it is visible already and it looks pretty much the same as the old one, but it is not functioning yet.

The rebrand of Google Play Movies to Google TV

Google TV is the rebrand of the old Google Play Movies. The rebrand indicates that the company is preparing to launch different services, more complete and in tune with the current demands of the public. The integration of the Android TV will be expected since most people use this service through their TV, so now you will have a better and easier way to navigate.

The old Android TV was forgotten by the company long time ago, but now with this new platform and its new services, it is obvious that it will come in handy. So far in the main application is not available, and people are trying it through the APK, but it will be matter of days to have this ready in all the countries in an official source.

If you have installed the Google Play Movies, then you don’t need to download anymore. You just need to update your app so it can make the change to Google TV. From this app, without downloading anything else, you will have access to all the other features that this service offers.

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