Google Photos have new features to edit pictures

admin May 17, 2021

One of the most popular photo galleries for smartphones is Google Photos, an incredible app developed by Google for users to view their pictures and save them in a cloud, which provides a safe place to save photos and videos without being afraid of losing them. But now the app is adding new features, especially to edit photos and videos, and even though the editor of the app has a lot of time available, now we have new features to enjoy and to edit with the app.

Google Photos is a very popular app and people love it because it works as a cloud platform where people can save their photos, and no matter What happens to the device, the photos and videos can still be safe and available in the app. But Google wants to offer more and make this app more complete and robust, so they are adding new features to edit the photos so users don't need to download another app.

Discover the new features of the Google Photos editor

Seems like the company has been working out a lot to change the image and performance of many apps. One of the apps that got an upgrade was Google Photos. A few months ago, we had an upgrade of the editor of the app and we got many new features, especially for videos which wasn't an option back then. Now the app is adding a blur feature and sharpness feature for photos.

With these new features we will be able to manage, edit and improve the look of all photos we want. These two features make this app more complete, making the competition with Snapseed, the other editor developed by Google. Making this app whole will be a nice option for people who don't have much storage space or don't want to download a complicated photo editor. Google Photos is simple and intuitive, but at the same time, it has all the necessary tools to do a nice editing job.

The new features are available already in the latest version of this app and you can download it right now. Once you download the app you will be able to start using the editor and the new lectures. If you open your app and don't see these new features, then it is because you don't have yet the latest version. Once you upgrade the app, you will find the choices on the app and you can start to use it.

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