Facebook and Instagram now ask you if they can track your activity

admin May 28, 2021

The last couple of months Mark Zuckerberg has been going through a lot since its company release a new privacy policy on WhatsApp. This fact made everything change so much more for its company and the app he holds, and other companies and governments are trying to create policies against its activities, like Apple. Since Apple rejected the new policies, the new iOS blocks any tracking activity without permission of the user, so now Facebook and Instagram need to ask for permission.

Apple has been against this type of activity for such a long time, but just in this new iOS version decided to actively block that activity and now every app has to announce to the user what they do, and depends on the user if they allow that or not. But, why Facebook and Instagram want to track your activity and how this measure hurts their activities? Let’s see in detail what is happening.

Why Facebook and Instagram need to track your information

Many people ask how necessary is for Facebook and Instagram to track their information and what happens if they refuse. The truth is that Facebook and Instagram track every like, share, post, swipe up, and interaction you have on their platform, because this tells them what everybody wants and like, and they can target better ads to each individual. Targeting is essential, because business can reduce costs in publicity and get a higher percent in conversion. So, basically, Facebook and Instagram sells your information to other companies for statistics.

A huge part of the money from the company comes from that method of selling information to big and small business, and these business spend a lot of money on their platform in return. So, if they cannot track your information, they don’t longer have data to sell to other companies. The problem with this is that Apple, and even some governments are asking what is the limit in here? And how much intromission is enough? So a lot of them have decided to implement policies to protect people’s privacy.

Some users claim that they don’t have many important information made public so it doesn’t matter, but we need to think that most people share where they live, what they do every single day, where they work, and so much more.

Apple decided in the new iOS to block this, so now when you open the app for the first time, the app asks you if they can track your activity, and depends on your if you accept or not. If you say no, you can still use the app without any problem, and the only disadvantage is that the ads won’t be accurate to your likes. Other than that, you can still enjoy your social media.

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