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Description of YouTube

We all know about this famous platform, that is actually an app available for all people from all around the world. Youtube is the biggest video platform where we are able to find any kind of content, from music videos, to tutorial videos. If you are looking for a news or even for learning to do certain things you can go to Youtube and get the answer. Here in this post we will tell you more details about this app that you can use at any time you want.

Youtube has become the most downloaded and used app to watch videos in the world. Is that huge its platform that people is also using it as a tool to make money, since the app gives you the chance to monetize your videos if they have some specifications. Yes, you read right. You can make money from home only uploading your videos to your Youtube Channel. This is totally free and the channel is created using your Google account. In case you do not have the app on your phone we tell you how to get it right now. Keep reading this post to discover more details.

How to Download Youtube?

Most of devices have Youtube pre-installed, but if this is not your case, the only thing you need to do is to go to the Play Store or the App Store and write Youtube on the search bar, select the right icon and tap on the install button. We recommend you to connect your device to a wifi signal to make this process even faster. The same way can be done with iOs and Windows phone. Make the same process in the store that corresponds with the device.

However, in order to simplify the process, we have put a link for you to go directly to the install button in the Store that correspond s to your device. Go tap on it at the end of this post and get the app right now for free. Even though, Youtube is a free platform, it also has a premium version to give us the chance to listen to the music we love with our screen locked. Also, we will enjoy of content without advertisings, which is actually cool, since Youtube uses so many propagandas in the middle and between videos.

How to start using Youtube?

As we told you before, Youtube is a platform that can be use without registration, but it is an intuitive app, so it will work better if you open your Google account or register using your email, so the app can suggest you videos that maybe can be helpful for you, or may be interesting for you. Using is pretty simple, you will see your profile and the timeline where the most popular videos at the time will be shown. The content that appear on your app will be upon your tastes. If you like to watch music videos, the app will show you many music videos in the timeline.

Uploading videos to Youtube is easy too. The app will explain you step by step how to do it and you can configure the audience for your videos. This means you can upload videos privately or select the people you want to watch it. There is no other app on the internet that has as much content as Youtube, so we think every single person in the world should have this tool in their smartphone. Do not forget to use the link we put below to download it right now.

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