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Description of Wattpad

When talking about books, we all know it is really difficult to find them all for free online. Reading lovers spend hours looking for the brand new books in the internet but must of the times they have to pay for them. Today we would like to tell you about an app that will offer all the books you have always wanted to read. Wattpad is one of the most popular platforms for people who love reading and also for amateur writers. Here in this post we will tell you everything about the app and how you can download it.

Wattpad is an app that join readers from all around the world in just one place. There you will be able to see people recommendations and comments about every book uploaded. This way you get to read unpopular but good literary work that is totally worthy. Also, if you want to upload and share your own work you can do it. Wattpad allows amateur writers to share their work for free in the platform in order to make it available for every reader from all around the world. Keep reading this post to discover more things about this amazing app.

How to download Wattpad?

Getting this app in your phone is pretty simple. It is available for both Android and iOs users, so if you go to the Play Store or the App Store, you just have to write “Wattpad” on the search bar and select the right icon, then tap on the install button and wait just few second to get the app ready. We recommend you to connect your device to a wifi connection so the process is even faster.

On the other hand, we wanted to make your life easier, so we have put a link below this post that will route you to the store that corresponds to your device. This way the only thing you have to do is to tap on the install button to get the app. Now that you know how to get the app on your device, we will tell you how to use properly. Keep reading below.

How to start using Wattpad?

Once that you have downloaded the app, open it and fill the registration. You can use your email or Facebook account; this is for the app to save your favorite books on your profile. Then you will notice the app is like a social media, you will see a timeline where the books are posted. You can select the categories you like and author. Moreover, the app has an options where you can organize your own library, in order to save the books, you want to read in the future or the ones you have read already.

You will see many comments about the book behind the book cover, and this way you can have an idea of how good or not that good is a book. As we tell you before, Wattpad is a huge community were people who love reading spend hours searching for good books and works to read. If you were looking to become a writer, this is your time to practice. Write your novella and upload it to Wattpad to see how the audience react; this is an excellent way to start this journey. Download the app using the link we put below and get Wattpad in your tablet or your Smartphone. Never have you seen a place where you find all the books you love totally free. If you do not find it online, you surely will find it in Wattpad.

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