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Description of Telegram

Communication is definitely what moves all social networks. Since we want to keep in touch with our friends and family all around the world, there were created different tools for that purpose. From messengers, to social media apps, in all of them we are able to chat with people. However, there is one that came to change the way we communicate in our personal and professional field. Its name is Telegram. The platform to send messages, videos, pictures and even to have conferences privately and safety.

For those who did not know, Telegram was one of the most downloaded apps the stores, thanks to the features its creator included in its last update. This app was the very first to add stickers to chat conversations. That is why everybody was crazy about stickers in Whatsapp. Also, Telegram included the option to listen to music using bots connected to Youtube, so people who wanted to save their playlist on the app to listen to music without using data were totally able to do so. This is actually information many of us did not know until now. Keep reading this post to discover more amazing things about one of the most popular apps out there.

How to download Telegram?

The process of downloading Telegram is so easy, if you have an IOS device you must to go to the App Store and write “Telegram” on the search bar, the tap on the Install button and wait few minutes to get the app ready. The process applies for Android users, you just need to go to the Play Store and select the right icon of Telegram, follow the instructions and that it is.

However, we give you another option for you to download this app. Go below in this post and tap on the link we put there to route you to the store that corresponds to your device. We recommend that you are connected to a Wi-Fi signal so the process is faster and you will not waste time waiting for too long. Then, you just have to follow the very simple instructions and you will be there ready to register with your phone number, because you can call and do video calls from the app.

How to Start using Telegram?

Once you have finished the registration process and had added your phone number, Telegram will explain you all buttons you can us. It is like a common messenger, such as WhatsApp and Messenger from Facebook, but it does have differences that make it stand over the others. In Telegram you have the possibility to personalize some settings like theme: light and dark, sky theme and another colors. In addition, you can add stick names and information groups. This is useful to help your business, since you can create public channels to connect and get new clients.

Another amazing tool Telegram offers, is the Secret Chat. This part of the app is for those who want to send messages that can be only seen for a certain period of time. This includes videos and photos, just the way you do it in Instagram messages. You select the picture or video, and configure the timer for the recipient to see it. On the other hand, you can play games too. Yes, you read it right. In Telegram we are able to play UNO with our friends, and there can be from 2 to 8 participants. There are many things people do not know about Telegram, but we are sure you want to download it now.

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