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Description of Subway Surfers

Some time ago, gamers used to get angry when playing games with a very soon final. You only had few levels to reach and once you do it the game is finished. This was really boring and this is why infinity games became so popular, so you can play them almost forever, since they are always being updated to give us best and harder levels. Currently, levels are no longer needed to complete the video games that is why you can play and play to reach top levels and improve your character to be the best player in the game. In this case Subway Surfer is an infinity game where you will not be able to find the end.

Subway surfer is a game where you are a bandit painting graffiti’s in the trains, so the guard is looking for arrest you, so you got to escape from him. This game is very easy to play, you only have to move your fingertip across the screen to the right, left, up and down to help your character make its way through a train station, in different countries. The difficult level is going to the highest point while you reach a new level.

How to download Subway Surfers?

It is so easy, you only need an Android device or IOS device to go to Play Store or App Store, tap on the search bar and write “Subway Surfers” and the platform do all work, then you put on the install button and wait for it. We recommend you to connect your device to Wi-Fi signal or data signal to make the process faster. This wonderful game just lighter 100mb and you need this amount of free storage in your device to download and run it correctly. The game is FREE so you will not be asked to make any payment.

Another form to download it, is to follow the link or url that we leave you below the page, in fact, when you finish the process you can register by adding your Google account, Facebook or e-mail to start to use the app. By the way, if you do not have an e-mail, or Google account you can start or sign in the game as a guest, but remember that all scores will not be saved, since the app will not find a place to do so without a registration. Ask your parents for help in case you do not have any account for these purpose.

How to start using Subway Surfers?

When you finish the process of downloading, you need to touch on the game to open it. Then you should write your e-mail and password for registration, then the game explains you how to play it, what is so easy because it just has four moves. Subway surfers have a millions of updates, there are a Chinatown version, London version, Rio de Janeiro version and a lot of countries and festivities. The game has a several options of characters since a boy with suit of dinosaur to a robot. What makes it so funny and popular is that

This game is wonderful for kids, because they are so focused to try not to die. It is perfect when you do not have a Wi-Fi or data signal since the game do not need to use a Wi-Fi connection. Also, the game only needs the connection when you will load your scores. Getting the rewards is so special, because you must perform certain specific task. The game ends when the surfer is caught by the guard or directly collides with various obstacles. You must have heard about this game before, because we are all crazy about it since its launch.

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Subway Surfers