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Description of Shazam

How many times have you been listening to a very good song in a public place and you are not able to remember who sang the song or the name of that song? It is kind of frustrating because you must want to listen to that song again but will not be able to find it. Imagine an app that listens to all songs and gives us not only the name of the song, but also the lyrics so we can read and sing as we are listening. Yes, this is all about Shazam. This is a very popular app that drove everybody crazy on its launch. It is still one of the most Downloaded apps on internet and we are not surprise about that.

Shazam is always with us in those moments we want to get those lyrics we have always wanted to learn. We can connect our Spotify account and listen to our playlist from Shazam, this way we can read the lyrics to. Here in this post we tell you more details about this app in case you do not have it yet.

How to download Shazam?

About the download process, the only thing you have to know is that if you have an Android device to use this tool, you only need to go to Play Store and put on the search bar “Shazam” and the platform do all work. In the same way, if you have an iOS device follow this process too. We recommended you to connect your device a Wi-Fi signal so the process is faster. This app is available in two versions, the free one and the Premium one. Of course its features change from to another, since in the paid version we are able to do more things, but free version is still enough.

On the other hand, we give you another option to download it. It is to follow the URL or link that we leave below the page for you and this way it will route to the store to install it. Once you install Shazam there is no need to register because you can use the app as a Guest, but if you have a Spotify account or Google music account you can add your account to have all playlist in just one place.

How to start the using Shazam?

When you have finished the register process you can use all options that Shazam offers. But it has two versions, the FREE version that you can use little options and the PREMIUN version in which you can use all the options. Shazam shows you three panels that they call main menu, library and charts in the main menu only exist one big button for searching music, on library you can find all artists that you search, your playlist and the settings. Finally, in charts you can see the artist most searched in shazam and you can hear their music or follow them.

This is one of those kind of apps you never know when you will need, until you do. So we recommend you to download it in case of a situation where you are listening to this awesome music but cannot recognize the singer, so Shazam will be right there to have your back and help you find the mane and lyrics. What makes this app so amazing is that it can also work offline, so it does not matter if you’re a connected to a wifi signal to get Shazam recognize any song you love. Learn and sing all lyrics using this app. Once you have it, it is impossible to leave it.

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