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Description of ShareIt

Sometimes we need a tool to helps us to transfer files faster, but many people think the only form is by cable USB, type c, or lighting unless we had not a Wi-Fi signal or Bluetooth. This tool that we show you it is probable to have your back sometime because it is not necessary a cable connection just need a possibility to connect another Wi-Fi signal from the device where is going to download the information an in the device where is going to get the information or files.

It is the most used app to transfer files from different platforms that is why you can transfer some files from a device android to computer without any problems, just make sure your PC has installed Shareit in their system formerly. Even if we did not have a signal connection, no problem! Because the app only need a LAN signal (Local Area Network) that it keeps functioning without a network and you can add some paired device with your personal device to make easier and faster next opportunity you need to transfer another file.

How to download Shareit?

This process is very simple, if you have an Android device you only need to go to Play Store and write on the search bar the name “Shareit” a tap on search, then the platform does all work. Otherwise if you have an IOS device you should follow the same process as an Android device just you must place your fingerprints or your IOS account with your e-mail and password to confirm the installation in your device; In addition, you can transfer a biggest file as 500mb in twenty seconds, yes! In twenty seconds you can transfer a film or a big game that you even cannot transfer to WhatsApp, Facebook or Bluetooth.

Another form to download this wonderful app is following the Link or URL we put below the post and you just have to follow the same process in Play store or Apps store, the only different is that you should be attentive with downloading because sometimes if your devices disconnects from Wi-Fi or data signal, the downloading will be lost that is why we recommend you to connect your device a Wi-Fi signal so the process will be faster. It is really simple and you will not waste time waiting for too long.

How to start using Shareit?

When you complete the installation process you can start the app and you can register using several options such as your Google account, Facebook, e-mail or phone number. Once you finish the registration the app shows you and explain you all buttons that it has, in the main menu you can find some principal files like a photo, documents, videos, and apks installation; all of these options are for you to transfer to another device or computer. The process to connect your device to other device is too simple; you only select files to share and put on shareit, immediately the app creates a LAN signal to connect both device for transfer files.

Finally, you should wait for short time to complete the process, when it finished you have transfer a biggest file in just 20 seconds at most. Shareit have two versions, the free version that is common used for people and premium version that includes more options than free version but, with free version you can transfer as much gigabytes as you prefer. So star right now and download the app to enjoy everything SHAREIT has for you and be part of the large community of people who use this app to improve their files transfers.

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