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Description of Roku

Here we bring to you what all the Roku lovers were waiting for. The Roku app came to make our lives easier and funnier. For the ones that do not know much about this, Roku is a brand designed to transform your regular TVs, into a smart one. Yes, you read right. With just one device and the remote you will be able to watch all those paid platforms on your TV. And the best is that it does not a have a monthly rent, due to the only things you should pay are the channels you want to see. This device can be found in the nearest store to you and the price in actually affordable.

Is that huge the community that uses Roku that its developer answered to all their requests, by creating an app that not only will bring you even more comfort, but also that will act like the proper remote from your phone. And as it were not enough, you could also watch all the content Roku has in your smartphone wherever you are. This is definitely a genius idea. We are so excited to tell you more details about this great app. Keep reading and find out how to download it.

How to download Roku?

We are sure you are as excited as we are for this app, so in this post you will find a Download button below, it will route you to the store of your device, so the only thing you would do is to follow the instructions, to wait few minutes and you will get the app ready to use on the phone. As simple as that, with just few taps the app will be downloaded and ready. So finish reading this post and then go below and look for the button we put there.

Another way to download Roku is to go to the App Store or to the Play Store, depending on your device. It does not matter if you have an Android or an iOS device, since the apps runs perfectly in both of them. After you find the right icon, tap on the Install button and make sure you are connected to a wifi signal, so this way the process is even faster. Then you have to tap on the Open app button to star using it. It is really easy and you can do it wherever you are.

How to start using Roku?

So here we are, Roku app has been successfully downloaded and we are ready to get, watch and enjoy all the content on our Roku Tv. So configure the app with the TV and you can start using it as the remote. This is one of the most useful ways of the app, since it is common that we forget where did we put the remote control every time we want to watch TV. So it will not be a problem anymore. You can sit on the sofa and watch Netflix while you control your Roku Device with your phone, as simple as that.

The other amazing way you can use this app, is in your phone. You can enjoy all the Roku content wherever you are, this way you do not have to stop watching your series when you go to your job, and when you are in a different city. This is actually something that puts even more value to the brand, since they are looking forward to enhance our experience the best they can.

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