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Description of Rise of Dragons

Strategy games are one of the best ways to put your mind and wits to work; And if they also have an amazing story and good characters, we would have a great game. This is the case of Rise of Dragons, a game where you must raise dragons, train them and fight epic battles. Download Rise of Dragons now on any of your mobile devices and discover everything this app has for you.

With Rise of Dragons you will enter a world full of dragons that will become your new home. Here you can create an entire village designed to your liking, raise dragons, fight in battles and much more. If you like dragons this game will become your favorite. Put your imagination to fly and create the best town for dragons that exists. You can also play multiplayer to find your friends within the game. Start playing now.

How to download Rise of Dragons?

To start playing this wonderful game you just have to download Rise of Dragons on your smartphone or Tablet. This game is available for Android and iOS, and you can find it on Google Play and App Store respectively. We will also leave you a download button so you can install this game on any of your mobile devices directly from this post.

Playing Rise of Dragons is very easy, making it an ideal game for children. This game is totally free and you can play it anywhere with an internet connection. Rise of Dragons includes special settings for kids, which will block any advertisements and protect privacy in multiplayer games.

This new game for mobile devices has a lot to offer; so don't miss the opportunity to try everything it has for you. Watch your dragons grow and create an amazing empire.

How to start playing this fun dragon game?

After downloading Rise of Dragons on your smartphone or tablet, you can start playing this game anywhere. When you start playing, you will be welcomed to your island, which you can gradually customize and grow as you like. On this island you must place important buildings that will unlock in-game functions; and also some buildings and decorations that will make your island have all your style.

Of course you will also meet your first dragon, who you will see grow and you can train to participate in battles. As you play you can unlock more and more dragons, and thus you can have an amazing island full of these magnificent creatures. Feed your dragons and pet them so that they grow strong and full of love.

In multiplayer battles you must use your strategy to beat the enemy; and if you play in story mode you will have to choose the indicated dragons to complete each mission. Grow your island with the money you earn in battles, and pay close attention to the special dragon eggs. Download Rise of Dragons right now and enjoy everything that this wonderful app has to offer.

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Rise of Dragons