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Description of PUBG Mobile

For all those who love battle games, today we introduce you the new era for battle royal. A game that will make you want to be playing all day long. This game was first designed for PC, but it was that huge the growth of the users that creators developed its mobile version for us to play wherever we are. Yes, we are talking about the great Pubg Mobile. We all are crazy about it because it since it compiles all the things we look for in a game. Thriller, weapons, action, battle and strategy. Here in this post we tell you more about it.

Pubg Mobile is the new version of the Pubg we knew in PC for Windows. In this version the story is the same, many people are left in a place and all have to survive, but the hard thing is when the map starts to get smaller so the safe place is smaller too, this way the game pushes you to get closer to your enemies, and that means closer to death, because everyone is looking for killing the others and be the one that survives. This a king of The Hunger Games remake, but you surely will be excited and entertained. Keep reading this post to discover how to download the app right away.

How to download PUBG Mobile?

This is as simple as prepare a sandwich with jam and cheese, you only need to go to Play Store if you have an Android device or go to the App Store if you have an iOs device, you should write the name of the app on the search bar “Pubg Mobile” and the app will do all work, then you just tap on the install button and wait for it. We recommend to connect your device to a wifi signal or to your data signal, because this way the process is even faster.

However, we give you another form to download this incredible battle royal in which you can play and talk with your friends, this is by going to the link we put below the post to redirect you to Play Store or App Store depending on your device. Now we tell you what you can do in this game to have fun. Keep reading because you will love it.

How to start using PUBG Mobile”

When you complete the downloading process you should register in their web side and the game will know who you are, because Pubg works with all of your associated accounts of all social networks. So, is very important this process because without that you will not be able to play. But if you do not want to put your personal information you can play as a Guest, but remember that if you accidentally uninstall game, all your process will be lost. That is why we recommend you to sign in with your email or common accounts for social networks.

It is important to say that you need to have 2 gb of free storage in your device or more because in game you will download another map, skin packs, weapon pack, and some graphics additional that Play S tore or App Store do not include in the download. So, you need 3 or 4 gb free of storage available enough to download this wonderful battle royal and arcade game. It is a very complete game that will keep you on the end of your chair every time you play it. Do not miss the opportunity to have one of the most popular games in your phone.

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PUBG Mobile