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Description of Messenger

As time goes on, there are many messaging apps that create, probably not we are using a single option, surely because it is the most popular, without stopping to think that there are many otheroptions, of which you can use, until you feel comfortable.

What is Messenger?

Messenger is a messaging app that allows users to make voice calls and video calls in both individual interactions and group conversations. This app is not new, in fact, in recent years, it has been added more and new features that make it more complete and more entertaining to chat with your Facebook contacts.

How to download Messenger?

It's an app, which we often associate with the Facebook platform, but really, that you need to download it. Go to the Google Play Store and type the name of the app in the taskbar, and then the option you want will appear. Press the respective icon and wait a few seconds.

Main Feature of Messenger

There are interesting settings such as being able to adjust the Messenger in dark mode, this in case you find it so white or very bright, you just have to locate yourself on the main pageand press your profile picture that is in the corner its leftperior and on this page enable the first option Dark Mode  and you will see, as immediately everything turns black. It should be mentioned that this can contribute to battery savings.

Another very interesting feature of this application is, the possibility to disable the activestate, which allows you to be connected, but without your contacts seeing youonline. You can be useful when you want to chat with a single person without others disturbing the conversation, this option can be activated by pressing your profile picture in the upper left corner and in the menu that appears, locate the Active Status option.

Another interesting aspect is, you have several possibilities to customize each person's chat, and these options are all within the same menu. Just open your contact's chat, tap the person's name and a menu will be displayed where you can choose, colors, themes, emoticons; it should be mentioned that, when you select a specific emoticon, when you press it, it will increase in size. Another option that this app has is that you can nickname or rename the person.

In addition to the above features, there is another curiosity regarding shortcuts of your contacts, in other words, if you have a contact that you chat with more often and want to have it hand in hand, you just have to locate the contact, press it for a few seconds and immediately a menu with several options is displayed and you must press Open Chat Head, then an icon will be generated on the main screen of your mobile, turning that contact into a shortcut.

There are several functions that characterize this application, I can not fail to tell you that you can mute the notifications of a specific contact, ifyou give it. You also have an option called Ephemeral Mode, which consists of sending messages that last only a moment, disappearing in what you leave the chat.

It also gives you the option to meet your friends by watching videos, TV shows and movies together using video chat and Messenger rooms. Capture every moment and reaction in real time. Share your location with your friends.  In addition, it gives you the possibility to chat with companies, it allows you to easily connect with your favorite companies to make reservations, find offers and much more.  Don't forget, all calls and text messaging is unlimited and free.

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