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Description of Medibang Paint

We can find different tools and apps to create art. Creative people are always looking for new software and tools to improve their work and get new features. Currently, one of the apps that are very popular is Medibang Paint. This is a platform that started as a desktop tool, but now you can have access to the app on your smartphone or tablet. This can help you to use several features from the comfort of your device. On this post we tell you how to download Medibang Paint and how to start using this app.

Medibang Paint is an incredible tool that is perfect for illustrators, designers, comic artists and painters. It is a digital tool where you can do drawings and paintings with different features that the app offers you. It is a complete app with all the features you possibly need to create all your pieces. So, let’s see how you can use it and get it.

How to download Medibang Paint?

Downloading this app is a short process that won’t take you more than 5 minutes. You can do it through this app. Start by tapping on the download button that we leave you on this post. Then, select your device OS system, Android or iOS. This will redirect you to the right app store for you. Once you are in the store, you can just tap on the Install button, accept the conditions of the app and then wait a few minutes until this process is done and you will have available the app on your phone.

Another option is to get it through your app store. Open the store and search the name of this app. Then, tap on the install button that appears under the name. Accept the conditions and wait until the app is downloaded and installed. Now you can start using this tool to create your pieces from your device.

How to use Medibang Paint?

Once you download the app you can start using this app. At the beginning, we recommend you to create an account so you can synchronize your drawings easily between devices. Then, you can select and adjust your canvas and start drawing or panting. You can create a blank canvas to start or you can upload a picture you already have done.

You have different brushes and you can change the settings on each one to make them look and work like you want to. You have also different modes to work with, filters, change the settings of your layers, adjust the brightness, curve, colors and balance easily, and so much more. The app has a lot of incredible settings and features that will help you to draw incredible pieces of art comfortably and paint like never before.

This app works similarly to other professional drawing tools, but this app is better because it is specific to digital drawing and painting, so all the features are developed for that goal. It is a great tool that every artist should try and we really recommended.  

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Medibang Paint