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Description of Line

Today phones, also known as smartphones, are very popular, their games and applications are widely used tools, however, they always capture the user's attention, those that help them save money. From this point on, competition between one application is generated.

Already in this scenario, we are presented with Line improved and empowered to get users to communicate with all their friends.

What is Line?

Line is a messaging app for mobile phones, PCs and Macs. In addition to basic messaging, you can send images, videos, audio messages and make VoIP calls. The app is renowned for its unique sticker system, replacing traditional icons.

How to download Line?

It's great app is available for Andriod, iOS, Windows and Phones and also for the Desktop version Windows and Mac.

Once the application is installed, a "New Registration" button appears when you enter to start registration. Once you accept the terms and conditions of use, you expect free SMS with the verification code, which must be recognized automatically, if you do not enter it manually.

Main Feature of Lines

It is characterized by being a type of instant messaging program.  The app handles twenty-one languages. It is a platform designed for smartphones, personal computer, iPad, smartwatch.

Line is much more than just a messaging app, as it not only allows you to communicate by chat, but also offers you IP calls, the integrated social network and its stikers, more entertaining emoticons and more.

In this sense, Line being a social network, allows you to add friends without having to have it among your contacts on your mobile device. So, the first step to having someone to chat with is to get in the Friends or Friends tab and then tap the button in the top right corner with the +

Line offers us a particular function called Shake it; this feature gives us a fun way to have a new contact, for this to happen, both must select the option in Line and shake the phone.

By doing that, the system will recognize them and ask if you want to have the contact on your friends list.  In the end, you'll be able to search for it by someone else's username, this is what's new, as you can add people you don't have around, without having to know their phone number or without knowing them. Then you just have to start talking.

When you start chatting, it's the easiest, because all you have to do is tap the contact you want to talk to, a summary of your friend's profile is immediately displayed. Next to the photo is a star to identify it and save it as a favorite and a pencil to edit the contact's name.

Among the chat options is on the conversation screen a menu with seven options: call, invite another contact, turn off notifications, block the contact, edit name, settings and send a gift. In the settings, you can mail the conversation history, as well as delete it or change the chat background.  It should be noted that, what characterizes Line's messages, are gifts, stikers, gif or images.

In addition, Line improved its camera, because, it allows you to take photographs and apply filters, of which you can choose from a wide variety that it puts at your disposal, also has frames and you can add drawings, texts with fonts and custom colors. It should be noted that, the camera has shortcuts to Pick, Facebook, Twiter, Mixi, Me2day, Cyworld, Sina,Weibo,  Renren, Flickr and Tumblr, as well as the option to send it to another application that is installed on the phone.

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