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What about having an app or social media for people who love to go running, hiking or cycling? Komoot has become their favorite since it has so many useful functions that allows them plan their routes with all the details they need to know to keep in shape, and to have a wonderful time outside, with their family or friends.

In this app it does not matter if you want to go just sightseeing or want to do your training routine; there you will find a whole platform with marked routes that shows the best spots to take pictures, or the best cycling stations. Going out had never been so funny. Using Komoot will make you feel you are training with your friends, due to it gives you the tool of a social media, where you can upload photos and videos to your followers or publicly.

How to Download Komoot?

It is very easy to find and to download this great app, the only things you need to do is to tap on the Download Button below and it will route you to the right store for your device. Once you are there, you just have to click on the Install Button and wait few minutes. It will not last too long, depending on your Internet connection.

You can also search the app by yourself, on the App Store or Play Store, whether you have an iOS ora n Android device. Then just tapo n Install App and that it is. You will have in your hands what will become your favorite social media.

How to start using Komoot?

Once you have the app on your pone, it is time to answer some questions for the app to know better your sport, interests, tastes and goals. This way, it will easier for you to find the routes that better suites to your objectives. Also, it is an interactive way to use the GPS, because the users are the ones that set up all the details for other users to be aware. How is it? Well, the app has some options to inform things about the route, related to the elevation, distance, obstacles and so on, so the app can calculate the level of difficulty for users.

It interface is very simple, so it does not have any other menu tan the one you watch on the screen. However, it has voice, so you do not need to be watching the screen all the time, since the app will tell you where to go, where to run or where to stop, while you are on your way. Moreover, another great tool you will find is to record the road, to share the video with your friends on the app. This video can be edited with pictures and videos to make it much more original.

Restaurants are also shown on the routes, so you can plan how many stops you want to make during your adventure. The goa lis to plan the best route every day you go outside. The tool would be in your hands by just one tap. Share this with your friends and then all can start using Komoot to have fun and to train together.

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