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Description of Kahoot

Education is the base of everything, it has always been like that and that is why with technology teachers have found the way to get to their students in different ways. Now there are virtual classes and different tools to send homework, but there is one app that will help teachers with exams and classification tests. Its name is Kahoot, a platform very easy to use where they can create as much quizzes as they want and share them with their students to make evaluations.

Kahoot is an app that has become the favorite of hundreds of professors from all around the world, due to it has a very simple interface, easy to understand, the only thing they have to do is to select the kind of test they want to create and add the information, so students can take the test wherever they are without issue. Make this era easier with technological educative tools. Here in this post we will tell you how to download and how to start using this wonderful platform. Keep reading to discover all the details.

How to download Kahoot?

The downloading process for this app is actually easy. If you are an Android user, then you must know how to get into Play Store, so once you are there, write on the search bar the name of the app “Kahoot” and select the right icon. Then, tap on the Install button and wait just few seconds to get the app downloaded. In the same way, if you are an iOS user, you must go to the App Store and repeat this procedure. It will not take more than 3 minutes to do the entire process and then you will be ready to begin.

However, we wanted to make things easier for you, so we have put a link below this post, that will route you to the store that corresponds to your device. This will not last more than 2 minutes and you only have to tap on the link and that’s it. We also recommend you to connect your device to a wifi connection so you can make this process even faster. Kahoot is a free platform that is being used for too many people and you should not be the exception. Enjoy of an app that will not request a payment to use it.

How to start using Kahoot?

Now that you know how to download this app, we will tell you how to start using it because it is pretty simple. The app will ask you to register using your email, and then will explain to you all the options and buttons available there. You can select from different quizzes templates the one that better suits to your needs and the topic of the exam, then add all the information and share the quiz with the students. Doing an exam was never this easy.

Kahoot is a platform that is not only for teachers, but also for anyone who wants to make a quiz about any topic, so if you are looking to make so funny questions to your friends, download this app and create your own questions and answers to share with your friends and have a funny time this the results. Use the link we put below to download Kahoot faster and do not forget to connect your device to a wifi signal. Do not waste more time and join the technological era. Nowadays you can find an app for almost everything, and making tests is not the exception. Kahoot is the best app to do so.

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