Description of Ecosia

We all need an internet browser to make the best use of online information. There are several options on the market, especially for mobile devices, but there is just one that is trying to save the planet. Ecosia is a browser that you can install in all your devices to make searches on the internet. With this app you can support the environment since the company of this app uses its profit and money to plant new trees. Download Ecosia right now and start supporting this incredible cause.

Ecosia is a project that started a few years ago. Under the worries of climate change, this company tried to create something that everybody could use and at the same time raise funds to plant new trees all over the world. They still are actively working and you can help just by using the app. One search will help them to make more money and it is a small action that can help the entire world. Let’s see how you can download this app and its features.

How to download Ecosia?

Ecosia is very easy to get. You can download on your smartphone through a simple process in this post and it won't take you more than 5 minutes. You can do it through this post or do it directly through the app store of your device.

The first option is to tap on the download button that is on this post. Then, tap on your device OS system, Android or iOS. The page will take you to the app store for you and you will be able to download Ecosia from there. Just tap on the Install button, accept the terms and conditions of this app and wait until the app is installed on your device.

Another option is to open your app store and search the app by its name. The rest of the process is basically the same. Tap on the Install button, accept the conditions and wait a couple of minutes.

The most important features of Ecosia

This app will allow you to search all the information you need. It has all the basic tool that every browser needs, so you won’t find troubles to use it or understand it. It won’t be complicated and you can installed and use it easily.

The best part is that this company is extremely transparent. Once you start using it, you will be actively raising money for the company. Each search you make is important. And the company will eventually share with its users a report explaining how much money they make and where did it went. This way you can see that they are actually reforesting and plating new trees and plants.

This project is very interesting and you can do something to help nature and climate change through this. You don’t need to send money or pay for anything, the app is completely free and you just have to use it like any other browser. Once you download the app and use it, you will be making money to support this project.

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