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Description of Duolingo

Learning a new language has always been useful and important, because it helps your brain develop in different thinking areas. English being the most popular, is in many apps right now. But you must be thinking it is almost impossible to learn languages like Chinese, Arabic, Russian or Spanish online, and this is not true. Duolingo is one of the most downloaded languages apps right now. It offers the chance to learn in an interactive way different language while you have fun. Here we tell you all about it for you to download this app right away.

One of the best things about Duolingo is that it allows you to take 5 coursers of different languages at the same time, the methodologic that Duolingo applicated is simple because they are based on simple grammatic and vocabulary with some games for you learn faster. The Hispano-American people need obligatory learn to speak English or another language to allow them work in different countries like USA, Europe or Asia. By the way, this wonderful tool is one of the best forms to learn any language in a fun and totally free way, from your smart phone whenever and wherever you are.

How to download Duolingo?

This process is very simple because, if you have an Android device you only need to go to Play Store and put on the search bar and write the name of the app “Duolingo” then the platform will do all work for you. The same way it works with an IOS device, you should go to App Store and follow the same process as in an Android device, writing the name of the app on the search bar. We recommend you to connect your device to a wifi signal to make the process faster.

Another option that you have to download this tool is going to the link or url that we leave below the page for you. So, you do not have to lose time going on Play Store or App Store to download this app, that is why we give you a faster solution to get Duolingo. An important thing to take into account is that you only need 15mb of free storage in your smart phone, tablet, iPod or computer to install Duolingo and you will learn a new language, whether you are studying a language for travel, school, career, you will love learning with Duolingo.

How to start using Duolingo?

The previously process is very easy, so when you finish of downloading process you should have an email, Google account, or Facebook to register in the platform, so the platform can save your progress. Then, it will teach how to start by selecting the language you want to learn, and the first lessons. It is important to say that if you have previous knowledge about that language you picked, you can take a classification test for the app to put you in the best level for you to improve.

The languages are many so you will be able to learn even Arabic. Duolingo have two versions, the free version where you can use the simple options and the PLUS version that is a subscription premium for all users that want to enjoy of advertisements with access to lessons offline way. For that, they should be connected to a wifi signal to download the lessons and then configure their device on offline mode to enjoy this advantage. This platform is specifically designed to teach a new language the way you would play a videogame. This way, while you have fun, you learn as well.

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