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Description of Canva

Nowadays all tendencies on the internet are talking about social media management, because it is very important to know how to create content for the specific public we want to attract. This content goes from posters, booklets, brochure, recipe card, email header, book cover, twitter post, business cards, advertising flyers; to pictures and videos. In fact, a community manager should have some basic knowledge about graphic design or he/she should know a person who is an expert in this area, to help him with the design process. This is why we present you Canva, one of the most used applications by freelancers and entrepreneurs in their business.

This app is very simple to use that is why, they do not need many tools to help them create new and great content for social networks. Into the app you will create infinity of things like a post for Instagram, flyers, short videos, some collages, stories or simple logos for your business. By the way, Canva have 1 million downloads in the world, and it became into the best photo editor for smartphones, tablets and computers. Taking into account, some people are using Canva by google chrome or another browser without downloading the app. Canva has two ways to use it, the paid version and the free version, so you have the choice in your hands.

How to download canva?

This process is very easy, because if you have an Android device you only need to go the Play Store and tap on the search bar to write Canva, and the platform do all the work. Of course depending of your speed connection the downloading time will be short. In fact, if you have an iOS device you will go to the App Store and follow the same process like in an Android device. Once you download the wonderful app it will be necessary a registration with an email, Facebook or Google account to start creating new things.

Another form to download Canva is to follow the link that we will give you below in this post, then you only have to go to your phone files, find the apk, tap on install and the process for installation will be completed. It is very simple and finally you will have an extraordinary app to help you with your business in social media, what could end up being difficult, but with the help of Canva you will be able to do it better.

 How to start using canva?

Once you start the app formerly you should register with your email or google account, then Canva will welcome you and explain all buttons. You touch to create a new design and you can choose a template to start your flyer or starting since zero, into the interface there will be elements, shapes, photos, videos that you will be able to add in your design to make them look even more professional. You can add millions of typography to give your personal touch, Also, you can add logos in PNG format to incorporate in your design.

When you are creating videos you can add stickers and short videos on the main project, incorporating animation for the text, photos and shapes. On the other hand, you can create CVs and business cards. You do not know where you start your new project? Do not worry, because you will find templates to make the creating process even easier. Download Canva and change your business face with great and professional content. Tap the Download button to get it right now.

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