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Description of Anghami

As music is the universal language, it is not surprising that exist different apps for each continent. In America, Spotify has become the largest music streaming platform where all musicians upload their content and make it available for people from all around the world. This is why in the Asian and African continent was develop a brand new platform for streaming music we love, this way in countries like India and North Africa people now have the chance to enjoy an app that works wherever they are. Its name is Anghami and it is the largest platform in the Asian and African continent to play music without restrictions.

Anghami was launched in 2012 and it has been growing and growing since that year. Every day there are more users joining the Anghami community, where they find the music they love and also share playlist with other people. This app has many features we liked and this is why we want to tell you more details about it. Here in this post you will learn how to download and how to start using this great app, so when you travel to India someday, you will have the trendy app to enjoy music in any place.

How to Download Anghami?

To start with the beginning, it is important to say this app is available for both Android and iOs devices, so the first thing we have to do is to search the name of the app on the Play Store and App Store. Then you have to tap on the Install button and wait few second to get the app downloaded. This is pretty simple and you can do it wherever you are without problem. We also recommend you to connect your device to a wifi signal so the process is even faster. Anghami will not ask you to make a payment in the first place so get it and do not be scared of it.

However, we have put a link below this page for you to get the app faster. Once you tap on that link it will route you to the store that corresponds to your device and the process for installation will start automatically. This is your opportunity to access to the best Arabic music that have ever been launched. Get the Middle East trendy and download the app that is driving everybody crazy. Use it at any time and any place. Just with few clicks you will enjoy the best content.

How to start using Anghami?

Once you have downloaded the app, the process is to register into the app using your email. Then provide the information required and begin to search your favorite artists. As we tell you before, this app shows most of time Arabic music, but occidental music is present too. You can listen to Taylor Swift using Anghami from India. There will not be a problem finding Maluma’s reggaeton into this app. You can create your own playlist and share it with others just with a click.

And if you thought that was the best part you are wrong. Into Anghami we can download the songs into the app itself, that means we will not occupy the device storage with the music. The result is that you can access to your favorite song even without internet connection. Yes, you read right. Anghami is really available and useful without internet and wherever you are. So, what are you waiting for? Download Anghami and get the best songs from all around the world in just one app. Easy to use but very complete.

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