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Description of Among Us

If you are of those who love the 2D games or the astronauts in a space, this game is for you, because it has the old thematic as a retro game to have determined players running to complete some objectives and tasks in order to win or to lose. But you must be wondering what is what makes this game so funny and entertaining, and the answer is that creators just included two or three impostors, this means Among Us are people trying to kill us. The goal is to survive or complete the missions that each one has, before the impostor kills them. This game is one of the biggest debut streams in the side´s history. If you are not a gamer and you are looking for a funny game to spend your free time in, this is perfect for you.

It is being that huge the love gamers have given to the game, that creator had no other alternative than creating the mobile version, since nowadays we bring our phones anywhere, now we can play Among Us anywhere and anytime too. The game had a million of downloads in just one week, and here in this post we tell you everything about it, for you to join to that millions of people playing.

How to download Among Us?

If you know how to prepare an orange juice you can download this simple game, because you only need to have an Android device, to go to play store to put the name of the game on the search bar “Among Us” and the platform will do all work for you, then you wait few seconds and that´s it. In the same way, if you have an iOs device you should follow the same process like with Android device, putting the name on the search bar and wait for the app to download. We recommend to connect your device to a wifi signal so this way the process is faster.

However, if you do not want to go to another two platforms because you do not know how to do it, do not worry! Because we leave below the page a link that will route you to Play Store or App Store depending on your device, to download the game just in seconds. In order to play this wonderful online multiplayer game, you do not need to register because you just need a wifi connection or a good signal connection and the code to join the game. In addition, you can play in a public game with people from all around the world, or you can create a private game only with your friends.

How to start Among using Us?

When you complete the downloading process you just need to tap on the icon game to start it, then the game will explain you how to play and what you are going to do in the game. In the main menu you have a 5 buttons, such as: “local” where you can play by LAN connection with one person that is near to you, the “online” button where you can play with all the world or just with your friends, “how to play” button where you will find the instructions for you to learn what you are able to do in the spaceship, and the “practice” button where you can see where are all the tasks that you will do.

Moreover, in the lobby you can personalize your astronaut as you want, you can change their color and you can put some skin that is available in the mobile version, but if you are playing in your computer you can change all in your character adding pets or shoes and sunglasses in their eyes. So you only need to some free storage in your device to download this wonderful game.

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